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Thanks for all your comments. The fact is I can not quit, as he did so well and more importantly it makes me so fucking beautiful. Let me share with you our one-day session of boxing. I went to exchange gifts. I bought a gift for good aftershave. In turn, he bought me loads, a set of sexy lingerie, perfume, socks, and one of rabbit vibrators. He made 4tubes ​​me wear the suit, and sat on his leather couch and started kissing me all very smoothly. His hands were everywhere, playing with my tits, pinching my nipples hard and then stroked my legs and 4tubes rubbed my clit wet. He put on his pants and asked me kneeling on the carpet and suck his balls and pushed his hard cock in my mouth. I used to lick the tongue, while its length, while massaging his balls. I sat for centuries as he moaned with pleasure. I sucked long and hard until I heard him moan louder and he shot his load in my mouth enoromous. I swallowed the whole lot and licked it. 4tubes it was his turn,position me on the couch with a big cusion on my ass. My legs 4tubes and started kissing her thighs, he took the vibrator and pushed it towards me at high speed. Boy it felt good, went on the RAM of the vibrator in me for the trip to my tits. He was licking and biting my nipples hard. It hurt, but I felt good, I wanted his cock in me and I told him. He took the vibrator and began to massage my clitoris and the movie. He does this so nicley, makes me cum so fast. He joined his hard cock 4tubes in me and I screamed with joy. It was hot and, as always, I strode fucked hard. Fuck me deeply that I like. He turned and kicked me from behind. I love this. He continued to fuck me hard and I was building up a powerful orgasm. Within minutes I had my juices with a huge scream. He continued to fuck me until he came. Then we had a little wine, mince pies and sucked my nipples and just hugged me. wants comand for the day when the day again for another surprise. I can not wait
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